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In order to enhance your experience, we bring to the table local ingredients and the welcoming informality of a home-cooked meal. We present a daily menu of dishes, which can be  prepared  on request.

Breakfast is included in the stay and includes fresh bread, cakes, sweets, honey from the Serra de São Mamede,  butter , coffee, milk, juices and seasonal fruit.


Eat out


Some of our favorite restaurants

in the district of Portalegre:


Travessa da Praça, 2A

7330-124 Marvão

(+351) 245 089 057

Solar do Forcado

Rua Candido dos Reis, 14

7300-129 Portalegre

(+351) 245 330 866

Taberna Tintos e Petiscos

Rua 25 de Abril, 6

7450-286 Vaiamonte

A Estalagem

Rua Porta Nova, 3

7340-017 Arronches

(+351) 245 583 537


Largo de Sao Vicente, 96

7350-445 Sao Vicente, Elvas

Taberna do Adro

Largo João Dias de Deus, 1

7350-200 Vila Fernando, Elvas

(+351) 268 661 194

El Cristo

Rua Dr. António Tello Barradas, 49

7350-112 Elvas

(+351) 268 623 582

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