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The House

The house in Largo do Cerejal, built around 150 years ago, to serve as housing for the family that owns the farm, was completely renovated in 2022, to allow communion with the surrounding nature, ensuring maximum comfort for its guests.

The house includes three suites, a dining room with a small kitchen and a living room. Outside there is a large swimming pool, measuring 12 meters x 8 meters, for the exclusive use of guests, Balinese beds, a dining patio and an old stable that includes a small gym. 

The pool

From the huge pool, we can see the entire outline of the Serra de São Mamede and, prominently on the property, the highest point south of the Tagus, where 300 million years ago we found tropical beaches, today we can glimpse the quartzite crest of the Serra de São Mamede.

The swimming pool, as well as all the external infrastructures are for the exclusive use of the guests of the Largo do Cerejal house.


the outside

The fact that the house is at the end of a small village, new moon nights offer ideal conditions for observing the night sky, with several points of interest observable with the naked eye, such as the Milky Way, the summer triangle, the Pleiades or the occasional 'star showers'.

fitness space

In the property's former stable and barn, fully recovered, there is a fitness space for the exclusive use of the house's guests.


Interior space

The decoration was designed to integrate the comfort of guests with the surrounding nature, using, whenever possible, materials taken from forests and sustainable ecosystems (Good is beautiful) and that reflect good taste and well-being.


While trying to respect the history and character of the house, contemporary decor pieces were incorporated, such as the original movie posters, displayed throughout the house.


The television in the house includes a Netflix subscription.

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